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Momo afraid of the thunder <3

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  • fav character: [kills someone]
  • me: aw


the reason you find little cuts and bruises you don’t remember getting is because at night bats fly in your room and beat you up in your sleep

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If you ever hate or are embarrassed by the Naruto fandom, just remember it didn’t join in an alliance with One Piece and Bleach and make something embarrassing like SuperWhoLock.

Would NaruBleachPiece have been as bad as SuperWhoLock?

I’m genuinely asking

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One time when my music theory professor was a student in college, he had to accompany an extremely rude soprano for a recital. She treated him like dirt during rehearsals. Just before going on to perform, she made some really snide remark to him that ticked him off, so he transposed the piece up a half step. She cracked three times.

Always be nice to your accompanists, folks.

There is a special place in hell for people that are rude to their accompanists

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