OMFG I met Heston at Melbourne airport. Not even kidding! I was waiting in my lounge, which is right next to a very fancy airport terminal and I heard the final passenger call and one was for Heston and I thought I was tripping, (as I’d free sampled my way into a pretty slap happy state after the duty free shops.) But no, the airhosts confrimed it. So I waited at the terminal, just casually hanging out, staring at these set of esclators. And then after a time a trio of people strolled down and one was Heston! He is so short in person, what a cutie, like he wasn’t much taller then me. And as he passed I yelled

”Have a good flight Heston, you’re my hero.” And blew him a kiss for good measure and he actually waved and smiled back, saying ”Thank you.”

I couldn’t believe it. After gushing about the Fat Duck and its opening Melbourne and how I would never be able to go, this happened instead. My heart is pounding and I know I’m still blushing but that is amazing.

If this is the standard and luck I’m to have this trip, I am in for an amazing couple of months.


yes I am a believer. oh you meant god? my bad I thought u were talkin about aliens sir.

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i have money. i can drive.. i can get myself an entire thing of cupcakes right now…


no one man should have all that power


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