at least i know nobody’s using me for my looks

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Everyone’s like whoa, ants can lift 50 times their weight. A fucking leaf is like 50 times their weight. I’ll fight an ant right now.

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Anonymous asked:
What kind of nudes would the captains take?


Daichi would definitely take the nudes right out of the shower or after practice. He would still have his towel draped around him or his jacket on.

Oikawa usually sends his partner pictures of himself shirtless with his face still in the shot, asking for pictures of his partner in return so he could show them more.

Kuroo doesn’t take full nudes straight away, he’ll usually tease his partner by lifting his shirt up a bit to show a bit of skin or pulling at the hem of his underwear.

Bokuto and Terushima send full body shots with their partner with a “casual” pose. They might either be drinking or eating in the picture, but it would be so obvious that they were posing for the picture.

Moniwa and Ushijima aren’t the type to send nudes, but when they do it’s usually just fairly normal ones where their either standing in front of the mirror or lying down in bed. They usually ask their partner right after sending the picture if they were doing it correctly.